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If you can find budget friendly private taxi services anywhere in Shaw, call Travel Eaze and enjoy a range of customer centric and pocket friendly services day and night. We are committed to seeing every customer happy and safe whenever they book their trip of the city with us. We have 15 years of hands on experience in providing different customers with excellent packages. We help you or your traveling group to save with every booking. In fact, you can’t find any other taxi operator around who will offer money saving incentives to local and foreign travellers. Our competitors are always looking for a chance to exploit you and take as much as they can from your wallet.

Efficient Taxi Service Delivery

There are operators who promise you efficient taxi service delivery in Shaw but they end up disappearing or they trade you to a different company. When you contact us looking for executive taxi services or a group travel package, we make you our top priority. We never deny you the chance to travel in the kind of comfort you desire. Our customer care agents will handle you and your request diligently. If you are looking for a bespoke package for your VIP travel needs, we are more than happy to provide it.

Taxi Shaw Services

The taxi Shaw services that you or your group require are easily accessible. You no longer have to go through thick red tape to book a taxi. We have made good use of technology and we are always innovating. You can book the taxi via the mobile booking app. You only need to download and click to get a confirmation. If you have a query regarding a specific airport taxi package, our agents are available round the clock. When you request pick up, we dispatch a driver to your location within the hour. Many operators will take you on a nasty ride, Travel Eaze will help you avoid the scheming operators who are only interested in your money.

Our Range Of Small to Large Group Minibuses

Choose the befitting group taxi from our range of small to large group minibuses. Travel Eaze makes sure that your family or office group travels comfortably in one of the 8-9 seater minibus hire vehicles. We are keen about your groups comfort and relaxation every time you book these vehicles.

If your 12-member group is looking to enjoy a coveted trip but you are strapped for cash, you can choose the 10-12 seat minibus hire vehicles. The space is enough for you and your luggage. We have insured these minibuses just in case you want peace of mind wherever you go. The larger 14-16 seater minibus hire models will cater for more passengers and they will provide you with the state of the art features to make your trip entertaining. If you are more than 16 passengers, you can pick the 16-18 seater minibus hire option. It packs more space, more benefits and you can pick any model that appeals to your groups’ preferences. Contact us.

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