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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

If your 16 member group cannot find a suitable taxi travel package, Travel Eaze offers the 14-16 seat minibus hire option that won’t cost your group an arm and a leg. We have a remarkable service history in helping similar groups to get the best out of the pounds they pay to get the package. We are keen on your happiness and satisfaction. Travel Eaze will provide these minibuses day or night. We won’t deny you services just because it’s late at night, or just because the weather outside isn’t conducive for traveling. Our 12 passenger minibuses are fitted with climate control features. You can regulate the on-board environment and proceed on your trip during summer or winter.

Convenient Travel

If you are in the city for the first time, chances are that you don’t know how to get around such a busy metropolitan environment. Even if you are heading to Shaw and Wardle, Travel Eaze will offer you relief and the much needed peace of mind. If you can’t speak the local language, we have drivers who cater for groups from a non-English speaking background. You can travel in and around the city conveniently, since our knowledgeable drivers know their way perfectly well. Don’t choose minibuses from a company whose drivers seem to be as lost as you are.

Dedicated Fleet of 16 Seater Minibuses

When you choose the 14-16 seat minibus hire option from us, we handle you like a top priority. We appreciate that your group can be having unique preferences and tastes. We listen to the special needs and deliver the bespoke package you want. We won’t deny you the chance to enjoy your corporate of leisurely excursion like some of our competitors. Fly by night operators will fail you since they lack the resources and a dedicated fleet of 16 seater minibuses like the ones we have at our customer’s disposal.

Luxury Add-Ons

One of the reasons why many groups prefer our 14-16 seater minibuses is due to the luxury and sophistication they offer. If you are out on a corporate mission to Edenfield or Heywood, Travel Eaze makes sure that the minibus you choose comes with the luxury add-ons that fit your corporate stature. We know that you might want to work on your laptop on the go. We provide device charges and the seating space can be turned into a mini office on the go. If you are out on a fun road trip, the air conditioning, refreshments and music players should be fine when you want to unwind a listen to relaxing melodies.

A Credible Taxi Service Provider

Your quest for a credible taxi service provider in Rochdale ends successfully when you discover Travel Eaze. We make the booking process safe, and you can pay using major credit cards safely. Your information is encrypted and secured from prying eyes. Call us during an emergency and we will get to any address or hotel in half an hour. Contact us today.

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