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Executive Taxi

Are you in Rochdale and you or your group is looking for executive taxi services for a business conference or a wedding event? Travel Eaze will gladly step in and set you in the right direction. We have a solution for your luxury travel challenges. We will provide above average services in each of our taxi models. We don’t, like our competitors, rely on outsourced vehicles to offer services in this category. Whether you want a VIP sedan for your solo travel or you are looking for a refined 10-12 seater minibus, we will offer the said model from our expansive fleet.

Executive Taxi Service Delivery

If you require VIP travel services in Edenfield or Heywood, you need to engage a taxi service provider whose chauffeurs are well versed with executive taxi service delivery. At Travel Eaze, we take pride in our drivers who come equipped with skills and knowledge harnessed from the 15 years of service. We make sure that they are DBS checked to ascertain that they don’t have a criminal background. We want our VIP clients to relax knowing they are in good hands. These drivers will make sure that you don’t miss your meetings, appointments or fun moments wherever you are headed VIP style.

Leather Finished Recliner Seats

Long trips, even though offered in a VIP taxi, can be exhausting. What Travel Eaze does is to provide executive taxis whose interiors add to the comfort. We offer leather finished recliner seats aboard each of our VIP models. You can recline and relax before you get to your destination. Our VIP clients don’t have to struggle with their luggage. We have ample space in our vehicles. Even if you are traveling in a 16-18 passenger group, our luxury minibus models are built o offer adequate space for your luggage.

Many Companies Trust Us

Travel Eaze has been in the forefront of providing executive travel services to high flying clients and established brands. We can transport any number of business class clients or groups. We have excelled in this category and many companies trust us to ferry their delegations any time they have a conference of business related events in Shaw and Wardle. Our diverse fleet of VIP vehicles are fully insured. Still, we can handle different corporate groups without delaying any of them.

Hundreds of VIP travellers and groups keep recommending our executive taxi services to their friends. The quality of service makes them want to wholeheartedly refer us to many other potential clients. We will reward every successful recommendation and treat every repeat customer with first class services.

We Build Rapport

If you are in town and you require a one day or a whole month VIP taxi package, we will customise it the way you want. We strive to build lasting relationship and rapport with every VIP customer who approaches us. If you want us to create a VIP travel account as a regular, we will be pleased to do it. Our customer support desk is always willing to discuss your needs. Contact us

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